The Best CPA Offers To Promote

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Published: 16th February 2010
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Choosing CPA Offers To Promote

For anyone who is new to CPA Marketing, the different types of CPA offers on the affiliate networks might seem overwhelming initially. However, three common types of offers that most CPA networks have are zip-submit offers, email submit offers and free trial offers

Let's start with the "zip submit" offers. A prospect or visitor is required to enter their zip code in order for you to get paid. The advertiser running the promotion will normally have a way of making money from the customer on the back end, but the CPA marketer job is to make sure the customer enter's their zip code. These type of CPA offers convert very well although in actual fact the are low paying earning you as a CPA marketer as little as 75 cents to $1.50 for a zip code submit. But you can be rest assured that if you drive a lot of traffic even the small amounts do add up.

The "e-mail submit" offer is another similar kind of offer. There is a popular saying in the Internet Marketing niche that "the money is in the list," but building a targeted list of prequalified buyers can be daunting, so advertisers are willing to pay you as a CPA marketer for unique e-mail addresses. And again all your visitor has to do is enter their email address for you as a marketer to get paid. As with zip-submits, the payouts are generally low, but you can make that up with driving a lot of volume to the offers.

And lastly we have free-trial offers. These type of CPA offers are very popular among both advertisers and the CPA marketers who promote them. And the simple reason is that these offers are often completely free to the customer, except for a small fee that the advertiser charges for shipping and handling. However, both the customer and advertiser win because the customer gets to try out a product they are interested for an incredibly low price, whilst the advertiser gets a valuable lead.

As a CPA marketer, it might have crossed your mind as to how this business model benefits you even though you are promoting almost free product from the outset. Advertisers will pay top dollar (as much as $35-$100) for a valuable lead because most free trial offers have what is called forced continuity programs ' so by accepting the free trial offer, the customer has an option to pay for more of the product when the free trial is up, often through a monthly auto-ship program.

The advantage to the CPA Marketer is that you just focus on delivering the lead and leave the advertiser to retaining the customer. And you get the extra benefit of getting a high commission on an offer that is relatively easy to convert. For this reason free-trial offers are very popular amongst CPA marketers.

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